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How should I approach a Remote Exam with Turnitin?

This article explains a recommend approach in 6 steps that you can follow when you're considering to use Turnitin Assignment for a Remote Exam.

Please note that this is just a recommendation and it may not always fit your needs or your assessment method. Please do not hesitate to contact us via the Helpsdeskportal, in case you are looking for advice.

1. Set up your Turnitin Assignment

Below we have put down our recommended Turnitin Assignment settings for an Remote Exam. Be sure to check out How do I create a Turnitin Assignment? for more in depth information about some settings.

1.1. Submission Settings

  1. Make sure File submission is selected
  2. Select one file under Files Allowed per Submission
  3. Select only one submission allowed under Submissions

1.2. Evaluation and Feedback Settings

  1. Enter a Score Out Of 100
  2. Attach an existing grade item

1.3. Set the Dates

  1. Under Due Date set the actual deadline.
  2. Under Has Start Date set the start of the exam.
    • From this time and date on, students will be able to see the attachments & instructions.
  3. Under Has End Date set the margin for late submissions.
    • After the End Date has passed, students will no longer be able to submit anything.
  4. Finally, when you are comfortable with the dates, un-select Hide from Users.

By setting a Due Date and an End Date you create a window for possible technical errors upon submissions. Moreover, you are still able to collect student submissions that did not meet the deadline. Late submissions are "flagged" in your submission overview, so you can clearly see who was on time and who was not. You can always decide later what you want to do with these submissions; retract any points because students were late or grade with a fail in case you do not approve late submissions.

If you do not approve any late submissions, set the Due Date at the same time as the End Date. Beware of the consequences when you opt for this setting, because you can not hand in submissions on behalf of students in Brightspace.  

1.4. Turnitin Tab

Click to enable Turnitin for this Assignment and make sure the options under Transfer and Frequency are set to Automatic. 

Click on More Options in Turnitin to make sure your settings are the same as stated in this article.

Finally, click on Save and Close and you are all done!


2. Hide the Turnitin Assignment & Attached Grade Item

Hide the Assignment and hide the associated Grade Item, after the end date has passed and before you start assessment. From now on, students will no longer be able to see the Assignment.

Please note that setting an End Date is NOT enough. You need to hide the assignment, if you do not (yet) want your students to see a grade and/or feedback in your evaluation process.

3. Start assessment in Feedback Studio

Now that you have set the Assignment & Attached Grade Item to Hide from uSers, start your assessment with Feedback Studio. Please see here for a step by step manual on assessing with Feedback Studio.

4. Transfer Turnitin Grades to the Gradebook

The only way to transfer Turnitin Grades to the Gradebook, is by selecting all submissions and click Publish Feedback. That is why you need to hide the Assignment and the associated Grade Item first, before publishing feedback. 

5. Export the Grades for uSis

After the Turnitin grades are registered in the Brightspace Gradebook, you can Export the Grades for uSis and send the export to your Education Office / Administration Office.

6. Finally, make the Grade & Inline Feedback visible for your students

When the grades are officially registered and published in uSis, you can set both the Assignment and the associated Grade Item to Visble for Users. Students are now able to see their grade and inline feedback in Brightspace.

Please note that you can only do this manually. There is no automatic release inline feedback (based on a date) option in Brightspace (yet).