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How do I log into Wooclap?

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From 24 April 2023 20:30 the login method for Wooclap is changing for teachers and support staff within Leiden University. Both current and first time users need to login with ULCN from this moment on. The reason why we are changing the login method is to comply with the guidelines for university authentication methods.

Moreover, this will allow us to integrate Wooclap with other applications in the future: PowerPoint in the short term and Brightspace in the long term. In addition, this way students can also start using the Wooclap dashboard to create their own presentations.

Navigate to to get started.

How do I log into Wooclap? | Wooclap | Brightspace - English | TOC | Instructor Support for Educational Systems | ScreenSteps - Google Chrome
  1. Choose Universiteit Leiden. TIP: you can search on Leiden, to quickly find our institution in the list.
  2. Click on Go to login screen

Please do not use the other two login methods.

If you login with a private, local, Facebook, Google, Linkedin or Microsoft account, Wooclap will not recognize you as an member of our campus license. You might miss out on certain functionalities that are only able within our license!

Inbox - - Outlook

Fill in your ULCN username and password and click on Login.

Are you experiencing issues with your ULCN account or cannot login? Please click on Login issues, or see the University website for more information.

Inbox - - Outlook

In the next screen choose your preferred authentication method and complete the MFA. Next, you will proceed to your Wooclap home.

Team DLO (FB-SOZ) | Microsoft Teams

First time login?

Is this your first time logging into Wooclap after 24 April 2023? You will first need to review your information that is being shared between Leiden University, SURFconext and Wooclap.

Team DLO (FB-SOZ) | Microsoft Teams

Review your data and click on Proceed to Wooclap to continue to your Wooclap home.


Q: I logged into Wooclap after 24 April 20:30, but I can't see my old presentations. What should I do?

A: Try logging out once and logging in again. Please note: It might be best to close the browser completely and only then log in again. Possibly stored cookies and cache are blocking your data from loading properly.
Do you still see nothing after logging in again? Please contact us via the helpdesk portal.

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