Instructor Support for Educational Systems

Contact the Brightspace Support Team


Effective October 1, 2021, Brightspace Support will become part of the ISSC Helpdesk. Contact information can be found on the University website.


  • Helpdesk. Go to and log in with your ULCN name + password. You can fill in a form for Brightspace via the Education and Research tile. Searching on the term Brightspace in the search bar leads you to frequently asked questions + answers.
  • Call the Helpdesk. On internal phones, call 8888. From external phones, call +31 71 527 8888 .

On demand

  • The Brightspace Online Training is a course in Brightspace, in which you learn the basics of the system in an hour. This is visible under My Courses when you log in to Brightspace. If you do not see the course, please contact the LMS coordinator of your faculty.
  • Web lectures. View the Grades Advanced Training when it suits you. If you have any questions afterwards, please contact us by e-mail.
  • Support site. You are currently on the support site. All manuals are publicly available in both English and Dutch.
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