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How do I create a quiz?

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Create a Quiz

Use Quizzes to make tests: you can create both formative and summative assessments and set them to be evaluated automatically.

  • Navigate to Course Tools in the navbar of your course. 
  • Click Quizzes. You will land on the quiz homepage.  
  • Click New Quiz.
  1. Fill in a title for your quiz.
  2. Click the arrow next to Not in Gradebook to link the quiz to an existing grade item, to create a new grade item or to edit the attached grade item.
  3. (Optional) Add a Due date.
  4. (Optional) Fill in a description.
  5. Add questions
  6. Availability & Conditions: Select a start and end date, add release conditions and/or special access.
    • See here for more information
  7. Timing & Display: Select the amount of time your students have to finish the quiz, indicate whether you want hints to be allowed, indicate the paging, edit the header and footer and add hints (hints are created per question, but they have to be enabled here. This is useful when you are importing questions that (could) have hints attached to them).
    • See here for more information
  8. Attempts & Completion: Select the amount of attempts, add the quiz to a category
    • See here for more information.
  9. Evaluation & Feedback:
    • We advise to unselect check box "Auto-publish attempt results immediately upon completion" when you have a quiz with open/essay questions. Only select the check boxes when you are using multiple choice questions and want students to see their grade after quiz completion. 
    • See here for more information on the settings within Evaluation & Feedback.
  10. Optional: If you want to make the quiz immediately visible for students, turn on Visibility
    • You can also do this later in the quiz homepage.
  11. Click Save and Close to return to the quiz homepage. 

Adding questions

  1. Click on Add Existing to upload a file, to browse the Question Library and to import questions from the Learning Repository
  2. Click on Create New to add a new question

Question options

For each question you can set several options. We will demonstrate this with a Multiple Choice question, as shown below. Please note that similar options are also available for other type of Questions.

Question Editor - Google Chrome

On the left you will see your question settings and on the right you will see a preview of the question, highlighted in orange.

  1. Here you can select the type of question
  2. In this field you can type the Question Text and add pictures if needed.
  3. Under option you can:
    • Add standard feedback per answer
    • Add a hint.
      • In the example above, we have added hint. Do not forget to turn on hints if you want to use them!
    • Add a short description
    • Add custom weights to answers
    • Add enumeration to the answers
  4. Add the answers
  5. The points the student can receive if he/she answers it correctly.
  6. Hit Save to save the question.

If you click on the arrow next to save, you'll have the option to save and copy this question. This might come in handy if your next question is similar and should have the same settings.

Adding more questions

  1. Proceed to add more questions / sections / question pools by clicking on Add Existing or Create new 
  2. Finally, you will see the total number of points in the quiz on the right.

If you select one or more questions by clicking the boxes on the left, the screen above will be visible. This way, you can move a series of questions to the top or the bottom of the Quiz or move them to a pre-made section. 

Create a quiz with randomized questions

It is possible to create a quiz in Brightspace such that for a randomized set of questions is generated for every student.

Make sure that you already set up a question pool in the Question Library before creating the quiz. For instructions and information about the Question Library see How do I use the Question Library?

  • Go to Course Tools in the navbar of your course.
  • Click on Quizzes.
  • Click on New Quiz.
  1. Add a name for your quiz.
  2. Click on Create New
  3. Click on Question Pool
  1. Add a name for the Question Pool.
  2. Set up the amount of questions a student has to answer.
  3. Set up the points a correct answered question is rewarded. Note: every question in the Question Pool is worth the same points, independent of settings for the individual questions.
  4. Click on Browse Question Library.
  5. Select the question you want to add to the Question Pool or the earlier created section and click on Import.
  6. Click on Save.

Videos on how to create a quiz

Below, you can watch videos made by Brightspace supplier D2L. Note: these videos show a Brightspace environment that has a different look and feel to the Universiteit Leiden Brightspace environment.

Video: Create a quiz with Randomized Questions

Video: Create a quiz using Quiz Builder

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