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How do I use the HTML editor?

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The HTML editor can be used to edit texts in for example Discussions, HTML documents and Assignments. In this article we will explain what functions the HTML editor contains and how you could use them.

  1. Paragraph styling options: Here you can choose between different styles (for e.g. Heading 1, Heading 2) for your paragraphs to create different titles and paragraphs.
  2. Text formatting options: Here you can choose between different formats (for e.g. style, colour, size) to change different parts of your text.
  3. Paragraph formatting options: Here you can choose the formatting of your paragraphs (for e.g. Align left, Increase indent, Bullet Points). You can also choose here to type the text from right to left instead of left to right.
  4. Insert options: Here you can insert different items into your text (for e.g. Images, tables, equations).
  5. Format painter: Here you can copy and apply text formatting from one text to another.
  6. Accessibility checker: Here you can check the accessibility of your written paragraph (for e.g. Did you use the right paragraph styling?).
  7.  Word count: Here you can view the word count of your document.
  8.  Preview: Here you can view your text in a preview mode, this allows you to preview the content and ensure that it displays as intended prior to saving any changes.
  9.  HTML source editor: Here you can format the content by looking at the code that structures and formats the content. Use this view if you have experience with HTML and prefer to author your own content.
  10. Due Date
  11. Start Date
  12. End Date
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