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How do I place a FeedbackFruits module in my course?

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This article will explain how to place a FeedbackFruits module in your course content. 

Please refer to the online manuals of FeedbackFruits for more information on how to use the tool. If you would like advice on how to use FeedbackFruits in your online education, you can contact Teaching Support

First, go to content and navigate to the unit/lesson you want to place your FeedbackFruits module.

ScreenSteps - Google Chrome

Click on Add Existing.

Click on FeedbackFruits.

Choose the FeedbackFruits module you would like to add or copy from a past activity module.

Follow the instructions presented within the FeedbackFruits module. When you are done, click on Save. You will be automatically guided to the new created topic.

ScreenSteps - Google Chrome
  1. The FeedbackFruits module will be set to visible by default. If you do not yet want students to access the FeedbackFruits Module, set the module to hidden.
  2. If you want to edit the FeedbackFruits module, click on the three dots and click on Edit.

Please refer to Support for FeedbackFruits for more information on how each module works or how you can use FeedbackFruits in your online education. 

Add and Manage Grade Items

When editing an existing graded FeedbackFruits assignment you will be presented with the option to change the grade association. This will allow instructors to change  which Grade Item FeedbackFruits is linked to.

Please note that even though you are able to add more than one Grade Item, FeedbackFruits currently does not support this.

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