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What are release conditions?

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Release conditions can be used to set conditions a student has to fulfill before being allowed to access specific course content.  

Release Conditions are not the same as date Restrictions. To have an overview of the Availability of content, go to Course Tools, visit Course Admin, and click Manage Dates. See more information on Manage Dates in this article

By using release conditions you can create a custom learning path through the materials in your course. For example:

  • Students can only take week two's quiz if they received a passing grade for the quiz in the first week.
  • Students will not be able to see the final exam until they hand in all the previous assignments.
  • Students are required to post to a discussion topic before they can see a content module.

You can attach several release conditions to an item. For example:

  • Students can only hand in the final exam if they complete all previous assignments and attain a score of 50 percent or higher for every quiz.

You can also attach multiple release conditions to an item of which students only have to attain one. For example:

  • Students can only see the materials for week two if they have handed in the assignments for week one or score 50 percent or higher for every quiz or create a discussion thread in the forum.

You should always connect a release condition to the activity you want to make available. For instance, if you want students to be able to see assignment B after scoring a passing grade for assignment A, then the release condition for that should be attached to assignment B. That assignment will be invisible to students until they fulfill the release condition of completing assignment A with a passing grade.

Important to know:

Please note that when setting the dates, the release conditions of the content items will appear in the calendar. It is not possible to hide this.

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