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What information is (not) being copied when executing Course Copy?

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This article shows wat items are being copied and what not, when using Copy Course. It also tells which actions should maybe be taken after copying the course.

For more information how to copy your course or several items of your course, please look at the next article How do I copy the content from one Brightspace course to another Brightspace course?

Rule of thumb: Data from and about specific students will not be copied. Examples of this are grades entered in the Gradebook, Assignments handed in by students or Discussion Threads created by students.

Annotation Tools are automatically turned off in assignments, regardless of the source course setting. This will have to be turned on manually. This setting cannot be changed after submissions have been made, so make sure this setting is turned on before students can hand in their work!

Brightspace eigen tools

Announcements yes It is also possible to copy no announcements with a partial course copy or specific announcements can be removed manually after copying.
yes Turnitin will be disabled after the course copy. It must be re-enabled by going to Course Tools > Assignments and clicking on re-enable. Click here for more information.
Attendance registers yes -
Calendar Events yes

Please note that the dates are still on the dates of the original course. It is possible to move all dates by a certain number of weeks.

It is also possible to delete specific dates or not copy the calendar at all with a partial course copy.

Checklists yes -
Classlist No Instructors on the classlist will also not be copied.
Content yes Watch out with external tools.
Content status Hidden / Visible yes You may want to set some things to Hidden before students access the course.
Course Files
yes -
Discussions yes NB Only the structure (the discussion forums and topics) is copied. Messages from students or teachers are not included.
External Learning Tool Links yes -
Gradebook yes NB student grades are not copied, only the grade items, structure and associated activities (e.g. link with an assignment). Unused and duplicate grade schemes are not being copied!
Groups yes

NB Group enrollments are not copied, only the structure, the associated release conditions / assignments / discussions.

Release Conditions 99%
Release conditions based on Section Enrollments are not copied. You always have to set them for every course.
Rubrics yes -
Quizzes yes Both quizzes and question libraries
No This also means that release conditions based on section enrollments are not included.
FeedbackFruits modules
yes -
Kaltura videos in the Kaltura Media Gallery, that are NOT placed in Content.

Either re-add videos in the new course via Kaltura My Media;

or in the old course put the videos in content, so that they are included.

Do this before copying the course. 

Kaltura videos placed in content
yes -
Mediasite / Weblectures
yes -
Medischonderwijs modules
yes -
MS Teams Course connector
No MS Teams are linked to one course. In the new course you have to activate MS Teams again to create a new Team.
Pitch2Peer assignments
Partially The link in content is included, but you always have to select an assignment in the P2P module. It is possible to add assignments from other courses via the P2P module itself.
Turnitin assignments
yes For each course you need to re-enable the assignments (However all assignments are copied at once)
Zoom Meetings
Partially ATTENTION! Meetings in Zoom are not included, but calendar events are (also already expired events). So you don't see the meetings in Zoom, but you do see them in course calendar*.

*Calendar events are included in a full Course Copy. If not desired, calendar events should be removed manually or perform a partial course copy (everything except calendar items).

Re-enable Turnitin

When you have copied Turnitin Assignments from another course, you have to click on Re-Enable once to activate Turnitin in the new course.

  1. Run a Course Copy
  2. Go to Course Tools > Assignments
  3. Click on Re-enable
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