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When do I get access to Brightspace and my courses?

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Access to Brightspace

Every employee of the University of Leiden with an active m-number is granted access to Brightspace. You can login using your ULCN-name and password. The extensive manual on how to log in can be found in this article. You only gain access to Brightspace the moment your contract is final. Contact the PSSC if you have questions regarding your contract. 

With certain g-numbers, guest accounts, it is also possible to get access to Brightspace. For this you can contact the GMS department of your faculty. Be aware that the right kind of guest account is used and the start- and end date is correct. You will receive a notification of your faculty the moment they have set up your account. 

Access to Courses

De LMS contact of your faculty can grant you access to courses.  For some faculties this happens automatically based on the registration of course coordinator in uSis, at other faculties this is done by hand. If you are not able to see your course(s), contact the LMS contact of your faculty. 

In case a colleague of yours is registered for the correct course, he/she can add you to the course themselves. This is explained in this article.  

Troubleshooting Brightspace access, courses, and login

  • Check with the PSSC if your contract for the University of Leiden is complete.
  • Check with the GMS department if you have the correct role for your guest account and if the start- and end date is correct. 
  • Ask the department of your faculty to add you to the course(s).
  • Ask your colleague to add you to the course(s). 
  • Trouble login in? Try a different browser. Clear your cookies/cache, closes all browsers, and try again.
  • Still experiencing issues? Contact the Helpdesk
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