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How do I export Grades for uSis?

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The Export Grades for uSis functionality is designed to simplify the flow of grade entry from Brightspace to uSis as much as possible. The export immediately provides the data education staff need to enter grades in bulk into uSis and thus no further format change is required to enable bulk grade entry.

Before you start

Depending on the faculty, institute, or programme you work for, the procedure for registering grades in uSis might differ. Therefore, we advise all instructors to consult with your education administration office or education support staff first and align how you can use the new export formats for registering grades in uSis.

You can not use this export format to import back grades into Brightspace

Please note that you are not able to use this export file to import grades in Brightspace, since the export format is not compatible with the needed import format. The Export for uSis functionality is solely meant for registering grades in uSis. Please see How do I import Grades? in case you want to export and import grades into Brightspace.

How do I use the Export for uSis functionality?

User List - 2223-S1 Landscape Dynamics 2 - Leiden University - Google Chrome

Navigate in the desired course to Grades and click Export for uSis. The screen below will appear:

Grade Export - 2223-S1 Landscape Dynamics 2 - Google Chrome
  1. The format for the export. By default it is set to Excel, but you can change it to CSV.
  2. Here you can select which grade items, grade categories and/or final grade you want to export.
  3. Name Override can be used if you want to give a different name to the Grade item, e.g. partial-exam 1
    • This field is not required and can be left blank with no consequences.
  4. For each line, you must select an exam date. An exam date is required when entering grades in uSis.
    • If this field is empty, you will see an error message asking you to select an exam date.
  5. Finally, click on Export Selected

A pop-up screen appears, with a loading screen. Once the export is ready, you can download and open it. The export looks like this:

1081V19Y_2223_S1_2223-S1 Landscape Dynamics 2_Baseline test_2022-10-19_20221019103707.xlsx  -  Protected View - Excel

Are you exporting multiple grade items? In that case, you'll recieve an Excel file per grade item; since grades can only be entered per activity in uSis.

Export final grade for uSis

ScreenSteps - Google Chrome

When you export Final Grade, the value in the ADJUSTED final grade column is always exported from Brightspace unless it is empty. When the final adjusted grade for a student is empty, the export will contain the value of the final calculated grade. In this way the final grade export contains just 1 list of final grades and it makes it easier for educational staff to register the grades in uSis. 

Taking the sample above: For the second and third student the final grade in the export will be 7.5 and 7.1 (rather than 7.3 and 7.2). For the other students the final grade in the export will be the same as in the Final Calculated Grade column.

Explanation about the content of the export

Filename explanation:

e.g.: 1081V19Y_2223_S1_2223-S1 Landscape Dynamics 2_Baseline test_2022-10-19_20221019103707

The name of the export is structured so that the person who has to enter the grades into uSis can derive which course it is for. Thus, the prospectusnumber, as the academic year, the period and the name of the course are in the file name. Additionally,  the name of the grade item + test date and a date stamp is included in the file name.

Column explanation:

  • OrgDefinedID: the student's student number, without the s!
    • Because in uSis we enter grades per student, without the s;
  • GradeSymbol: The grade registered in Brightspace as Grade Symbol;
    • The grade you show the students in Brightpspace;
  • ExamDate: The date you chose in the export steps;
  • FirstName: student's first name;
  • LastName: student's last name;
  • OrgUnitName: name of the course;
  • OrgUnitCode: code of the course;
  • SectionCode: if applicable, code of the section the student is in;
    • Can be useful when you have a composite course and grades need to be entered in different places in uSis;
  • GradeItemName: The name of the item as it appears in Brightspace Gradebook;
  • GradeItemNameOverride: the own given name at the export steps.


Date format changes in the CSV export

Q: When I open the CSV, I see that the date is shown incorrectly. It shows me MM/DD/YYYYY, instead of DD/MM/YYYY. How is this possible?

A: The above problem CAN occur when you are using an old version of Excel, opening the CSV file with Notepad or with another program outside Excel365. The reason why this can happen is because the program in question automatically converts the CSV file. 

The problem does not occur if you open the CSV file with Excel365, then the conversion is always just. Also, this problem does not occur if you choose Excel when exporting, in that case the date is always displayed correctly.

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