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Use case: Release Conditions and Start-End Dates for Assignments with Grade items

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In this article, a Use case will be discussed. In this Use case the following example will be discussed;
There is an Assignment that only Group 1 has to make. This Assignment is only visible for Group 1 from a certain date and not for other groups. The Assignment is linked to a Grade item. This Grade item becomes visible only at the moment the Assignment is handed in.
This Use case will be handled step by step. The following steps will be discussed:

Assignment visible from certain date

To create an Assignment that is only visible from a certain date and to a certain group you can follow these steps:

1. Create an Assignment. (For more information on how to do this see: How do I create an Assignment?)

2. In the dropdown menu click on Edit Assignment.

3. Set a Due date to ensure that students can hand in the assignment until a certain date and not afterwards. This is the deadline of the Assignment.
4. Go to the tab Availability Dates & Conditions.

5. Set a Start Date to ensure that students can only start the assignment from a certain date.

6. Optionally, set an End Date to ensure that the assignment is no longer available after a certain date.

Please note! After the End Date has expired, the feedback on an assignment is no longer visible to students. So take this into account when setting an End Date.

7. Set the Assignment to Visible. Although you have already set it to Visible, the Assignment will only be visible from the Start Date. The Assignment can not go on Visible by itself, so if you don't turn it on the Assignment will stay invisible even after the Start Date.

Please note! Make sure you activate the Visibility of the assignment. If you don't, the assignment will remain invisible even after the Start Date.

Assignment only visible for certain group

To make sure that the assignment is only visible to a certain group, you can follow these steps:

1. Create the group that should make this assignment. (For more information see: How do I create Groups?)

2. Go to the Assignment you want to make visible for a certain group, or create a new Assignment. Go to the tab Availability Dates & Conditions, and click on the dropdown arrow next to Add Release Condition.

3. Click on Create New. A new pop up window appears.

4. Under Condition Type, choose Group Enrolment. This will ensure that only students who are enrolled in a particular group will be able to view and complete the assignment.

5. Under Conditions Details, click the Group that may create the assignment. In this example it is Group 1 of the Group category Group test 1.

6.  Then click on Create.

The created release condition will then appear under Release Conditions.

7. Click on Save and Close to save the new release conditions.

Grade Item visibility only for handed-in assignments

To make a Grade item belonging to an assignment visible only to students who have submitted it, follow these steps:

1. Create a Grade item for the assignment in question. (for more information see: Create Grade Items)

2. Link the Assignment to the Grade Item. (for more information see: How do I attach a grade item to an assignment?

3. Go to Grades in the blue navigation bar.

4. Click on Manage Grades.

5. Click Edit in the drop-down menu next to the Grade Item concerned.

6. Go to the Restrictions tab.

7. Click on Create and Attach. A pop-up window will appear.

8. Under Condition Type, click Submit in Folder.  

9. Under Condition Details, click on the Assignment for which the assignment must be turned in to see the grade. In this example it is Test Assignment.

10. Then click on Create. You will see the following release condition under the restrictions tab:

11. Click Save and Close.

Only the students who handed in the assignment before the Due date can now see the Grade Item.

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