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What personal data do students see from instructors and fellow students?

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To comply with AVG privacy laws, some personal data has been masked. If you are looking for the Privacy Statement for Brightspace, please click HERE.

As the instructor of the course, you will see the full classlist with the names and email addresses of both students and instructors of the course. Students have limited access to information. Whereas as an instructor you can send an email to the full class list, or if applicable, groups in the class list, this is not possible for students. This is indicated briefly below.

The Classlist

Students cannot see the Classlist. Thus, they do not see fellow students' names, student numbers, and email addresses.


Students see the first and last names of fellow students in Groups. They cannot see fellow students' email addresses and student numbers.

How can students communicate among themselves?

Students cannot email each other through Brightspace. Alternatively, Discussions can be used to respond to each other and Lockers can be used to share documents.

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