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How do I adjust Content availability through Manage Dates?

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In this article you will learn how to adjust Content availability through the Manage Dates functionality.

Start and end dates specify when learners can access a topic or module. 

If you set a start, end, or due date for a topic or module, it will appear in the Upcoming Events and the Agenda view in the Calendar tool. 

Note: Setting an end date later than the due date enables learners to still access and complete the topic. 

Also note: Adding a due date to a content item which contains an assignment overrides any existing end date that are further in the future. The due date also overrides the end date in the Calendar tool.

Once you have set up a start date, the content item will be shown as 'hidden'. Please DO NOT click on the eye-icon. If you do, you will see a disclaimer that date restrictions are in place. Due to a bug in the system, even if you click 'cancel' these date restrictions will be deleted and the start date will not work anymore.

Brightspace supplier D2L is working on fixing this known issue.

There may be material(s) that you want to make available automatically from a certain date onward, or for a period between two dates. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Access your Course Administration via the navbar of your course Homepage.

2. Under Site Resources, click on Manage Dates.

3. Apply a Filter to have only Course Content visible in the Manage Dates table.  

4. To edit the availability of only 1 content item, simply click the drop-down menu by the content item and then click Edit Dates. To change the availability of multiple content items at once, select the items by ticking the check boxes on the left of the table and click on Bulk Edit, at the top of the table.

5. Select and set the Due Date or Availability dates for the Content. 

6. Save the newly set Dates.

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