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How do I attach a grade item to a quiz?

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This article explains how to attach a grade item to a new or existing quiz. 

It is possible to grade a Quiz linked to a Grade Item. When a Grade Item is linked to a Quiz, Brightspace will automatically include this grade in the calculation of the final grade.

Read the article How do I use the Gradebook? if you are unfamiliar with grade items and want to learn how to create a grade item.  

Please note that it is only possible to attach a Numeric Grade Item to a quiz. Read more about the various Grade Items in this article.

  • Navigate to Course Tools in the navbar of your course.
  • Click Quizzes. You will now land on the Quiz homepage, where you will find an overview of your quizzes. 
  • In the overview, search for the quiz you want to attach to a grade item and click the fold-out arrow. 
  • Click Edit. You will navigate to the Properties tab of the quiz.

If you want to attach a grade item to a new quiz, read the article: How do I create a quiz? to learn how to create a new quiz.

Attaching a (new) Grade Item

  1. Click Not in Gradebook to open the menu. Then, choose:
  2. Edit or Link to Existing if you already have created a grade item or if you want to create a grade item an immediately adjust the grade scheme and category.
  3. Add to Gradebook if you have not created a grade item yet. A new grade item will be made with the name of the quiz.
  4. Adjust the amount of attempts and which attempt will be graded. Read more information here.
  5. Adjust when students are able to see their grades. Read more information here.

You can unattach a grade item by selecting Not in Gradebook

When a grade item is already attached to a different activity, it will no longer appear in the drop-down menu.

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