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How do I transfer Turnitin Scores to Grades?

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This article will specifically explain you step by step how you transfer Turnitin Scores to Grades, after you completed assessment in Feedback Studio.

Good to know before you transfer the Turnitin Scores to Grades

1. Students will immediately see their Grade, unless..

By default, as soon as you transfer the scores from Turnitin to Grades, students will immediately see their grade and feedback.

If you do not (yet) want your students to see their grade and feedback while your transfer the scores, you need to set both the Assignment and Associated Grade Item to Hide from Users. See here for more in depth information.

2. Turnitin Scores will not Transfer to Grades if the Grade Item and Assignment use a different number of Max Points

Before you transfer the scores, make sure that both the Assignment AND the Grade Item use the same max points value.  Please see below how you can check this.

First, go to the Edit Assignment screen and look at the Grade Out of section.

Edit Assignment - Brightspace Sample Course - Google Chrome

Next click on Edit or Link to Existing and a pop up screen will appear.

Edit Assignment - Brightspace Sample Course - Google Chrome

As long as both screens show the same amount of points, everything is set correctly.

Transfer the Scores

After you have evaluated all your students' submissions your overview will look like below. In the column Turnitin GradeMark, you will see all scores you have entered in Feedback Studio.

  1. Click on the top check box to select all student submissions
  2. Click on Publish Feedback to transfer the scores to the Grades tool.


ScreenSteps - Google Chrome

Now you will see that all submissions are changed to Published, as shown in the image above.

ScreenSteps - Google Chrome

Last but not least, click on Grades in the navbar to see if the grades indeed transferred to Grades.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via the Helpsdeskportal, in case you are running into issues while transferring Turnitin Scores to Grades.

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