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What are Awards and how do I issue these to students?

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In this article, you can read what Awards are and how to hand out these to students automatically or manually.

You can use Awards to reward students for a skill or behavior that is not assessed, but useful and desired. You can also use Awards to reward a student for a certain score. This way the Awards can be a motivation for a student to learn a lot, display specific behavior or develop a certain skill. For each award you create, you can specify for which course you want to use it and whether other teachers can use the awards for their course. You can also add awards that other teachers have created to your own course if they are sharing it.

Students can view their awards by checking the Awards section in the My Brightspace menu on the Brightspace homepage.

You can issue these automatically or manually.

Issuing Awards automatically

It is possible to let Brightspace automatically issue an award to a student, if the student has received a certain score or has finished a certain component. To set this up, you have to attach release conditions to the award.

Navigate to Course Tools in the navbar of your course.

Click Course Admin and on Awards (underneath Assessment). Then navigate to Course Awards. (second tab) 

Click on Edit Properties to adjust the settings of the award.

If you do not see this option, see How to make an award.

  1. Select Award hidden until earned. This means that the students will see the award only if they have earned it.
  2. Click Create under Release Conditions to add release conditions. If you add multiple release conditions, you can use the drop-down menu to select whether a student has to meet all release conditions (All conditions must be met) or one of them (Any conditions must be met).
  3. Click Save.

You can also add credits to an award by using Edit Properties. These credits are not related to any credits in Grades and you cannot attach any release conditions to them. That is why you have to leave the field below credits empty.

Issuing Awards manually

  • Navigate to Course Tools in the navbar of your course.
  • Click Course Admin and on Awards (underneath the heading Assessment). You will automatically be directed to the Awards homepage: Classlist Awards
  1. Select the students you want to assign the award to.
  2. Click on Issue. You must select an Award to issue,
  1. Use the drop-down menu to choose which award you want to issue.
  2. Enter the reason for issuing the award. Note: this will be visible to students. 
  3. You can see which students you have selected under Selected users.
  4. Click Issue. You will now return to the overview.

You will see an overview of the awards that have been issued to the selected students. 

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