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What is copyrighted material?

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In this article, you can learn what copyrighted material is and how you should publish this on Brightspace.

When you use texts, text extracts or images for teaching, please be aware of the applicable requirements dealing with Copyright Law. In Brightspace all third party texts and text extracts are considered copyrighted material. Use of this material for education is permitted without asking the copyright holder’s permission, pursuant to the Dutch Copyright Act. This is called the Education Exception. However, this is not for free. The university pays for this use to the copyright holders via Foundation UvO. Therefore, to save costs, as much material as possible should be linked to and as little material as possible should be placed in the LOR.

For more information please visit Copyright for teachers.

Quick reference overview

Content of file Copyright Restrictions How to place?
Lecture slides  Possibly*
Drag and Drop
Syllabus / general information Possibly* Drag and Drop
Literature / scientific articles / chapters of books Mostly Yes Link

*When using copyrighted material, the source must always be acknowledged.

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