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What files can be downloaded by students?

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Students can download files from the content and they can download a complete unit.

The following documents are exported when they download a unit:

  • PowerPoint, Word, etc.
  • PDFs 

The following is not (properly) downloaded:

  • Files added via the LOR. 
  • HTML text documents, these are exported as a URL and are therefore unusable.

If students do want to save these files, they can download them separately. The unit downloads will appear in a zip file. 

All content on Hidden remains hidden from students and will not be included in unit downloads.

Download Unit

Students can download a unit by clicking on the unit and clicking on the cloud icon at the top right.

Download (LOR)file

Students can download a LOR file by clicking on the sub-unit, moving the mouse over the file and clicking on the save icon that appears in the top right corner.

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