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How do I publish feedback for a quiz?


This articles explains what steps you have to follow to publish the feedback for a quiz. 

You have created a quiz and provided feedback for individual answers or questions. To publish this feedback to students, follow the next steps:

  1. Open Manage Quizzes, via the Navbar of your Course Homepage. 
  2. Find the quiz, of which the feedback must be published. With the drop-down menu, Edit the quiz.

3. Open the Submission views tab.

4. Click the link "Default View".

5. You will be directed to the page where the viewing properties of quizzes can be selected.  

6. Message. Here, you can change the text that students see when they have completed the quiz.

7. Show Questions? You can allow your students to reexamine the questions, or not. If you choose to show them the questions, select restricted viewing options, like:

  • Show questions answered incorrectly
  • Show questions answered correctly
  • Show all questions without user responses
  • Show all questions with user responses

You may also want to:

  • Show question answers
  • Show question score and out of score

8. Show attempt score and overall attempt score. By default, students can see their score as soon as they submit their attempt. The score that is displayed is only what the system can auto-grade. You can choose to disable students from seeing achieved scores by leaving the checkbox empty.

9. Statistics allows you to:

  • Show class average
  • Show score distribution

10. Press save to save the settings.

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