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How do I attach a grade item to an assignment?

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To evaluate an assignment, use the help of a Grade Item: Grade Items represent the course items that you would like to evaluate in the grade book. By attaching a grade item to an assignment, Brightspace will calculate and register the final grade for you.  

  • Read the article Create Grade Items, if you are unfamiliar with grade items and want to learn how to create a grade item.  
  • Read more about assessing an assignment in the article Grading Assignments

Attaching a Grade Item to an assignment

  • Navigate to Course Tools in the navbar of your course.
  • Click Assignments.
  • In the overview table, search for the assignment to which you want to attach a Grade Item. Click on the fold-out arrow next to it. 
  • Click Edit Assignment.
  • If you have not created an assignment yet: click New Assignment to create one now. 

You can attach or create a Grade Item and indicate the maximum points within the assignment by filling in the Grade Out Of amount. When clicking the Grade Out Of box, a grade item with the same name is created automatically. This Grade Item will always be numeric. If you want to link to an existing grade item or change the type or scheme of a new grade item, see below

If you remove an Assignment with a Grade Item, the Assignment will disappear but the Grade Item will not automatically disappear. The Grade Item needs to be removed manually from the Gradebook.

Click the In Gradebook box that has appeared after clicking the Grade out of box.  You can now: 

  1. Create a new Grade Item with a selectable grade type and scheme or select an already created Grade Item (Edit or Link to Existing).
  2. Continue without a Grade Item but with a Score Out Of amount (Not in Gradebook).
  3. Unset the Score Out Of box (Reset to Ungraded).

Make sure that 'Grade out of' is set to the same amount as the grade item if you choose to link an exiting grade item!

If a Grade Item has already been attached to another activity then it will no longer show up as an option in the drop-down menu.  

In the overview of the Assignments you can see by this icon whether or not an assignment is attached to a grade item. To see which item is attached to the assignment, hover over this icon with your mouse. 

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