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The Calendar is your personal schedule. You can find the Calendar widget on your personal homepage or the Course Home of every course. The Calendar widget notifies you of any events within the specific course in which you are currently enrolled. The Calendar on your personal homepage will notify you of events in all of the courses you are currently enrolled in. When you look at the Calendar on the Course Home of a specific course it will only show you events that are happening within said course. Deadlines (or Due Dates) are also events that are shown on the Calendar widget. You can find the calendar on your personal homepage on the right-hand side below Announcements and on the right-hand side on the Course Home.

The default calendar on your personal homepage is the Leiden Calendar. See Choosing Calendars below to select more. 

You are not able to create or import events when you open the Calendar widget from your personal homepage. If you want to create an event for a specific course you will have to:

  • Navigate to the course and subsequently to the Calendar.
  • Navigate to the schedule of the specific course from the Calendar.

The Calendar widget consists out of two parts::

  • The calendar: this is the calendar view. The date in blue is the current date. Dates with a blue dot contain an event.
  • Upcoming events: this is a list of upcoming events. Click on the arrow to choose if you want to see upcoming events.

Click on the date or the arrow to expand or collapse the Calendar widget.

The Calendar

  • Click on Calendar on top of the Calendar widget to open the Calendar.

In Calendar you are able to peruse all the events from the course that you are enrolled in. The different tabs allow you to change how you want to organize the events:

  • Agenda: shows the events that are happening today and tomorrow or for a whole week. You can also use this view to sort events based on date, course or category.
  • Day: shows a day from your schedule per hour.
  • Week: shows a week in your schedule.
  • Month: shows a month in your schedule.
  • List: shows all your upcoming events in a list. You can use this view to easily sort your events.

You can use the arrows in the different views to navigate between days, weeks, and months.

You can find the calendar on the right-hand side. A dot below a date signifies that there is an event on that specific day. If you click on the date, you will land on the page of that day.

Filtering, sorting and searching in Calendar

There are several different possibilities to filter and sort events in your schedule. Some options depend on the view that you are using at the moment.

  • Use Search Events to search for specific events.

Agenda view:

The Agenda view allows you to sort events based on:

  • Date: sort events by  date which shows the first events at the top of the list. Use the arrows on the left-hand side if you want to view the events of today and tomorrow or the coming week.
  • Course: sort events based on the course they belong to.
  • Category: sort events by category e.g. assignment, quizzes etc.

List view:

The list view allows you to filter events based on its category (assignments, checklists, discussions, grades, materials, modules, quizzes, surveys).

  • Select a category behind Filter By to only show events in that specific category.
  • Click on Clear all filters to view all events.
  • Click on the arrows to view All EventsUpcoming Events, or Past events.

The coloured dots in front of the events signify in which course they take place. You can also use a filter to select from which courses you want to view the schedule in the Calendar widget.

Choosing Calendars

  • Click on the arrow next to the name of the Calendar. The list that just expanded shows all the Calendars to which you have access. The Calendar in the blue bar is the calendar of the course you are currently in.
  • Click on a course to go to the calendar of this specific course.
  • Click on the cross behind a course to stop viewing the events of that specific course.
  • Click on Show All Calendars to view events from all calendars again.
  • Click on the plus to add the calendar of a course to your Calendar
  • Click on the computer icon to change the colour of a calendar.
    • Choose the calendar of which you want to change the colour
    • Choose a colour.
    • Click on Done.

What events will appear in the Calendar?

The following events will be added to the Calendar after they have been created with a due date:

  • Assignments
  • Checklists
  • Discussions
  • Grades
  • Materials
  • Modules
  • Quizzes
  • Surveys
  • FeedbackFruits

The following events will not appear in the calendar:

  • Peermark
  • Pitch2Peer
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