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How do I add Remindo to my course and Content?

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This article explains how Remindo can be added to the content of the course.

Currently, Remindo can only be used by the Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Social Sciences and LUMC due to licence agreements.

What is Remindo?

With Remindo you take care of the entire process of testing and examining from an online management environment. Put tests together from different question types such as multiple choice questions, hot spot questions, drag and sort questions and open questions. Enrich cases with images, videos, and audio clips. Offer your tests in a secure digital collection environment and make the results available online to the participant.

How do I use Remindo?


  • You have a link to the Remindo test 

Follow these steps to place a link to the Remindo test:

  1. Go to Content
  2. Select the unit/lesson where you want to place a Remindo test
  3. Click on Add Existing
  4. Click on External Tool Activity, scroll down and click Create New LTI Link
  5. Insert a title and the link to the test
  6. Select Legacy LTI as your Tool
  7. Finally click on Create and Insert
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