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Quizzes - Attempts & Completion

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This article explains how to use the Attempts & Completion part of quizzes. In this part you can manage the amount of attempts, which attempt will be used for grading and set notifications when a student completes a quiz.

  1. Click Manage Attempts to manage the amount of attempts and choose which attempt will be graded.
  2. Enter you email adress to receive notifications once a student completes their quiz.

Manage Attempts

Once you click Manage Attempts, the following pop-up will appear

Note that the extra settings will appear when the amount of attempts is higher than 1.

  1. Select the allowed amount of attempts.
  2. Select which attempt will be graded. This can be:
    • The highest score
    • The lowest score
    • The average of all scores
    • The first attempt
    • The last attempt
  3. Check this box if you want students to only answer previously incorrect answered questions.
  4. Click Attempt Conditions to set that a student needs to receive minimum or maximum score in order to take another attempt.
  5. Click OK to save the settings.
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