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How do I adjust Content availability when adding or editing Content.

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This article will describe how to set availability dates for Content when creating or editing  Content.

Please note that you can also set availability for content through the Manages Dates functionality found in the Course Tools > Course Admin section

Be aware that setting the eye icon to hidden will override the availability settings. Make sure the toggle is set to Visible!

When creating or adding new Content to your Course Offering you will have the option to set availability dates through Availability Dates section. These Availability Dates will be shown in the Content Topics in your Course under the title of the Content Topic. In this example we will use the workflow for creating a new HTML File, but this will work for most other content either when creating content through Add Existing or Create New or when editing existing Content.

When adding the content you will see Availability Dates on the right side with the option to add the following:

  1. Start Date: When adding a Start Date, your students will not be able to see this content until the Start Date has passed.
  2. End Date: When adding an End Date, your students will not be able to see this content when the End Date has passed.
  3. Due Date: Due Dates can optionally be set for content, but the way it works depends on the type of Content.
    • For Content like HTML files, Lessons, Web links etc, Due Dates do not have any meaningful impact. This is because Due Dates are linked to Brightspace functionality which has not been enabled (yet) for this type of content.
    • For Content like Assignments and Quizzes this will function like you would expect. The student has to submit his or her work before the Due Date.
    • For External Learning Tools it depends on the tool in question whether the Due Date is passed to Brightspace. PeerMark will pass its Due Date along to Brightspace, but tools like Feedback Fruits will not. You can still manually set the Due Date to show up in the Content Topic, but you will have to make sure it matches the Due Date set in the tool.
  4. Make sure the visibility toggle is set to Visible. Availability Dates will NOT override this setting.
  5. Release conditions: When adding a Release Condition, your students will not be able to see this content until the student fulfills the requirements. For more information on Release Conditions look here.

Availability Dates are optional. If you want your content to always be available to your students, do not set a Start Date nor an End Date.

In the image above you can see the result of having set Availability Dates for Content Topics and Modules. Be aware that outside these availability dates, the content will NOT be visible to your students!

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