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How do I use Assignments?

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This article explains how to use Assignments. The following content will be explained:

Assignments is used to easily publish and evaluate assignments.

  1. Click Course Tools in the navbar of your course. 
  2. Click Assignments. You will land on the Assignments homepage. Here, you can view all the assignments you have made.

Assignments homepage

  1. The buttons at the top provide you with different actions:
    • Click New Assignment to create a new assignment.
    • Click Edit Categories to add, delete and sort categories for your assignments.  
    • Click More Actions for more options. 
    • Use Bulk Edit to edit the name, category, availability and deadline for multiple assignments at once. Select the concerned assignments and click Bulk Edit. Edit the settings to your preferences and click Save.
  2. In the table you can see a number of columns:
    • Under Assignment you will see a list of all assignments per category. 
    • Under Completed you can see how many students handed in the assignment. 
    • Under Evaluated you can see the amount of students whose assignment has been assessed. 
    • Under Feedback Published you can see the amount of assignments for which you have published feedback/an evaluation. 
    • Under Due Date you will see the assignment's deadline. 
  3. Next to the name of the assignment, you will see an arrow and one or multiple icons:
    • Click the arrow next to the assignment to open the quick-menu. Scroll down for more information on the quick-menu options.
    • The displayed icons depend on the choices you made during the process of creating the assignment. Hover your mouse over the symbols to see more information about them. For example, one of the symbols indicates whether or not it concerns a group assignment.
  4. Next to the names of the categories you will see two symbols
    • With the pencil, you can re-name the category.
    • With the trashcan, you can delete the entire category; the category will be deleted from your category list as well. The assignments in this category will automatically be moved to No Category.

Click on the arrow next to the assignment name to open the quick-menu.

  • Click View Submissions to view the submitted files of the assignment.
  • Click  Edit Assignment to edit the settings of the assignment. 
  • Click  Make Visible to Users/Hide from users to make the assignment visible/invisible to students. Each assignment you create will automatically be hidden, unless you have this option turned off at bottom of the first page when creating an assignment. 
  • Click Delete Assignment to delete an assignment. You can restore assignments in the Event log under the button More Actions (see below).
  • Click Copy Assignment to duplicate the assignment with its settings.
  • Click  Submission Log to see when a student has handed in his/her work. 

More Actions menu

Click More Actions to open the menu.

  • Click Preview to see what is displayed to students when they open the page. 
  • Click Reorder to re-arrange the order of the assignments. 
  • Click Event Logto view the event log. This will display when you have:
    • created an assignment (Created);
    • deleted an assignment (Deleted);
    • restored an assignment (Restored).
  • Click Make Visible to Users to make the selected assignments visible to students. 
  • Click Hide from Users to hide the selected assignments from students. 
  • Click Delete to delete the selected assignments. 

Submission Log

How to navigate to the Submission Log:

From the Assignments homepage, click on the name of the assignment you would like to view. Click Submission Log in the task bar.

The Submission Log will keep track of each file in an assignment, and logs:

  • which student it concerns (Submission);
  • what are the events surrounding the assignment (Event);
  • who submitted, restored or deleted the assignment (Modified by);
  • when the assignment was submitted, restored or deleted (Date);

Filter the results by clicking:

  • Submitted: only show submitted files
  • Deleted: only show the deleted files 
  • Restored: only show the restored files (first deleted and then restored).
  • Started: show the start times of all uploads. 

If you don't select any of the filter options, you will see all files in this assignment. 

The selected filter is blue and underlined. Else, the filters are light grey. 

If you accidentally delete an assignment, you can restore it directly by clicking Restore. 

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