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How do I share or print the Calendar?

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Sharing the Calendar

You can add your Brightspace Calendar to a different application that you are using like Microsoft Outlook. You can generate a link to your Brightspace Calendar that you can add to these external applications. This allows you, for instance, to easily view your Calendar on your phone.

The external application needs to support iCal-links.

  • Select Enable Calendar Feeds. Click Save.

You will now see a new icon on the Calendar page.

  1. Click Subscribe.
  1. Choose which schedule you want to subscribe to in the external application below Calendar Subscriptions. You can choose a single course, just your tasks, or everything.
  2. Select and copy the link. Add said link to the external application.
  3. You can also download the contents of the Calendar for offline use. Changes in the Calendar will not be updated. Click Download. You can now open the generated ics file with your offline application.
  4. Click Close.

Copying and pasting the aforementioned link will subscribe you to (certain parts) of your Brightspace Calendar. This means that any changes will be automatically shown in your external application. When you choose the download option the Calendar of that specific moment in time will be downloaded and can be added to your external application. This Calendar will not receive any automatic updates.

Printing the Calendar

  1. Select the Calendar you want to print. Select All Calendars to print all agendas.
  2. Click Print.

You can change what you want to print in the window that just opened:

  1. Select Show Branding to feature the title of the selected agenda.
  2. Below Display Options you can switch the following on and/or off:
    • Select Show event details to show the details or description of a certain event.
    • Select Page break before each event to print every event on a different page.
  3. Choose between the following options below Event Range:
    • Print all events: print everything.
    • Print events prior to: print everything before a specific date. Enter the date below this option.
    • Print events starting: print everything starting from a specific date. Enter the date below this option.
    • Print events between: print everything between specific dates. Enter the dates below this option.
  4. Click on Update Preview to see below Print Preview what you are about to print.
  5. Click Print.
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