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Quiz Statistics: where do I find them and what do they show me?

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This article explains what Quiz statistics are, where to find them and what they will show you. 

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After students have completed a quiz, it is possible to view statistics on their performance. You can take a look at the average score, as well as generate detailed information on specific quiz questions.

  • Navigate to Course Tools in the navbar of your course.
  • Click Quizzes. You will land on the quiz homepage. 
  1. Click Statistics (third tab). You will get an overview of all the quizzes and the average score per quiz. 
  2. Click a quiz to view its specific statistics. 

You can also go to the statistics page of a quiz by using the quiz quick-menu. To use this option, click the arrow next to the name of the quiz you would like to view statistics of and then click Statistics.

User Statistics

In User Stats you will see:

  • A graphic display of the score distribution, based on the score achieved by each student (Grade Distribution);
  • The class' average score (Class Average);
  • Which score each individual student has achieved. You can also search for a specific student at Show Search Options.

Question Statistics

In Question Stats (second tab) you will see:

  • A graphic display of the class average per individual question (x-axis) and the percentage of question for which a similar score has been achieved (y-axis);
  • The Average Grade, Standard Deviation, Discrimination Index and Point Biserial of each individual question.

Click on a question to view what the exact question, the right answer and the feedback/hints were. 

For an extensive explanation on the Standard Deviation, Discrimination Index and Point Biserial, click What do the statistics on this page mean? which is situated just above the table on the right.  

Question Details

Under Question Details (third tab) you can:

  • View extra information on each individual question, for example how many students (displayed by a number and percentage) chose a certain answer on a multiple-choice question. 
  • Filter statistics by the date on which students have completed the quiz. Select a date (or multiple) and click Apply.

From each tab you can click Export to CSV or Export to Excel at the top-right corner of your screen to export the statistics that are displayed to a CSV- or Excel-file.  

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