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How do I add SCORM/xAPI objects to my course?

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SCORM/xAPI objects can be added to unit/lesson in the course content structure. We recommend the following steps:

  • Go to Content in the navbar of the course. 
  • Click on a unit/lesson to which you want to add your SCORM/xAPI object.
  • Then click Add Existing in the top right corner.
  • Click on SCORM/xAPI Object

Even though it is possible to upload SCORM/xAPI objects by use of Import/Export/Copy Components, we strongly discourage this method. Grade Items cannot be attached to your SCORM/xAPI object with this method.

  • Search for the SCORM/xAPI objects that are shared on Brightspace, or upload them here.
  • Use the Bulk Upload button to add new objects. You can add up to a maximum of 50 SCORM- or xAPI-objects at once.
  • Press Next to finalize.

SCORM/xAPI objects can be graded.

Create a new Grade Item now for your Gradebook. The settings for the new Grade Item can be adjusted on the Grades Homepage, under the tab Manage Grades.

Press Add, to save the object in your content.

Disclaimer: if you accidentally created a Grade Item with the SCORMxAPI, you must initially refrain from deleting the SCORMxAPI from the course content. To delete the SCORMxAPI and Grade Item, first navigate to "Add SCORMxAPI". The image below shows how this screen looks like. Click on the three-dotted symbol and choose Delete. Subsequently, you can delete the SCORMxAPI item from the course content. The External Learning Tool Association attached to the Grade Item is now deleted. Last, delete the Grade Item from your Gradebook.

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