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Adding a separate simulation in Labster

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What happens when you add a separate simulation as an instructor:

  • The simulation is added to the course menu and is immediately set to open in a new window/new tab.
  • A column in Grades is created for the result of the simulation.

Adding a separate simulation

  • In the place of the content where you want to add the simulation: Choose Add Existing → More → Labster
  • You enter Labster and see the catalogue of simulations:
  • You can search for a specific simulation here by using the search bar at the top, or scroll to find the simulation you want. 
  • Use filters to reduce the number of simulations found
  • Click the [+ Add] button next to the simulation you want to add to your Brightspace course. The simulation is added to the course menu
  • Check that the simulation is visible to students or set custom availability if necessary.
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