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How do I add collaborators to my presentation?

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This article explains how you can share your presentation within Wooclap with your colleagues and work together on a presentation. You also have to option to just share a copy of your presentation with another user.

Invite collaborators

Webtools - Google Chrome
  1. Click on the three dots next to an presentation
  2. Click on share
Webtools - Google Chrome
  1. Click on Invite collaborators
  2. Insert your colleague's umail address
  3. Click on send invite
  4. The added users will be listed in this section. If you do not longer wish to share the presentation, you can remove them as collaborator.

In this way you are able to work together in one presentation. Modifications done by collaborators will affect your presentation.

Share event

  1. Click on the three dots next to an presentation
  2. Click on share
Untitled - Message (HTML)
  1. Make sure you are on the Share event tab
  2. Enable the slide for Share event with its code
  3. Copy the code and email this to your colleague

Now your colleague can use/modify the presentation as they desire. Modifications done by them will not affect your own (original) presentation.


Q: How can I retrieve a colleague's umail address?
A: Contact your colleague and ask them what their umail address is. Unfortunately, their is no easy way for yourself to retrieve this information.

Q: How can I retrieve my own umail address?
You can see you umail adress in your Wooclap home by clicking on your name and next on account settings. Next scroll down to email address section, where you can find your umail:

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