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How to request the Education Administration Office within the Faculty of Humanties to unenroll students from your Brightspace course

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It is good to know that students need to be unenrolled in uSis, in order to be unenrolled in the corresponding Brightspace course. Unenrollments in uSis can only be done by the education administration office or by students themselves.

This article will explain how you can request the Education Administration Office(s) within the Faculty of Humanties to unenroll students from your Brightspace course.

What do I need to send to the Education Administration Office?

The education administration office needs both the course code(s) and student numbers to be able to unenroll students from uSis. From the course code in Brightspace they can derive the corresponding uSis activities and perform unenrollments.

Please note there might be a possibility a student cannot be unenrolled from your course, due to administrative and/or legal reasons. If the selected student(s) cannot be unenrolled from uSis, the administration office will let you know.

Lastly, if the administration office cannot find the student in uSis, they should get in touch with ECOLe to see if the student can be removed. 

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Unenroll students in uSis  - Message (HTML)
  1. Enter the correct email address of the Education Administration Office
  2. Attach the classlist export with the student numbers
  3. State in your email that you would like the unenroll the student(s) from all activities under: the course offering code.
    • In that way the education administrator exactly knows what they need to do in uSis to fully unenroll the student from the Brightspace course.

How to export a list of student numbers

  1.  Navigate to the Classlist via Course Tools
  1. Select the students you would like to be unenrolled from your course.
  2. Click Print

In this step you can check the user list that is going to be exported.

3. Click Print once again

4. In the pop-up screen, make sure 'Save as PDF' is selected.

5. Lastly, click Save

How to retrieve a course offering code

  1. Navigate to Course admin via Course tools. 
  2. Click Course offering information

Here you can find the course offering code.

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