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Feedbackfruits overview

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Feedbackfruits has a lot of different modules that you can use to give assignments to students. In this article there is a list of all modules and a short discription about it.

Module Beschrijving
Peer Review
Students can submit work that will then be reviewed by other students
Group Member Evaluation Students can collaborate with this module and receive feedback as a group
Assignment Review Guide your students by providing feedback and assessment on assignments
Skill Review Guide your students by providing feedback and rating on skills
Automated Feedback Provide instant feedback to students through artificial intelligence
Interactive Document Make an article/video/audio fragment interactive with question cards and discussion threads
Interactive Video
Interactive Audio
Comprehension Have students annotate material around topics you specify
Interactive Presentation Make your presentations interactive by adding questions to your slides
Discussion on Work Help students think critically by discussing each other's work
Quiz Increase students' understanding by testing them with quiz
Team-Based Learning
Increase understanding individually and within a team
Self-Assessment of Work Help students to review and reflect on their own work
Self-Assessment of Skills Help students improve their skills through self-assessment
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