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How can I preview what a student sees when handing in a quiz?

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This article explains how to preview what a student sees when handing in a quiz. 


The 'Student view' function in Brightspace does not work for quizzes. To view the content of a quiz as a student, use the preview button in the quiz itself.

If you want to see what the view looks like for students, you can preview your quiz.

  • Navigate to Course Tools in the navbar of your course.
  • Click Quizzes. You will navigate to Manage Quizzes.
  1. Click on the fold-out arrow next to the quiz you want to preview.
  2. Click Preview.
  1. You will see an overview of the quiz (students will also see this) below Quiz Details.
  2. Select Bypass Restrictions to bypass any restrictions you might have set up for students.
  3. Use Exit Preview to return to Manage Quizzes.
  4. Click Start Quiz! to start the quiz in the preview and do the quiz. When you are finished, click Submit Quiz.
  1. Select Allow this preview attempt to be graded in the Grade Quiz area if you want the attempt in the preview to be assessed. Note that scores for attempts made in preview mode will not be included when the quiz statistics are calculated.
  2. Click Submit Quiz.

In the example above an additional submission view has been set up, which allows students to see the answers and the achieved score directly after handing in an attempt.

  • Click Done.

You will be directed to an overview page with all quiz attempts and possible quiz statistics (in the example above students do not see quiz statistics). When you click an attempt, you will once again see the established submission view for each question.

  • In the drop-down menu of Submission View you can select of which view you would like to see a preview.
  • Click Exit Preview to return to Manage Quizzes.
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