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How can I manage Group Enrollments within my Course?

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This article will explain how you can manage group enrollments within your course.

Please note that as an Instructor you are able to enroll students in a group, and you are also able to change enrollments, enroll students in other groups or even unenroll them.

To manage student enrollments in groups navigate to your course and go to Course Tools > Groups.

Manage Groups - Brightspace Sample Course - Leiden University - Google Chrome

Please note that you are only able to manage enrollments per Group Category, not for all Categories at the same time.

  1. Click on the arrow next to a Group Category
  2. Click on Enrol Users

You will be led to the screen below:

Enrol Users - Assessment - Brightspace Sample Course - Leiden University - Google Chrome
  1. Optional: Filter to see a specific group within this Group Category
  2. Check to enroll a student for that group OR uncheck to unenroll a student for that group
  3. Click on Save


Please note that groups cannot exceed the amount of 200 students.

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