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How do I organize the Course Home of a course?

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In this article, you can read what you can find and how you can organize the Course Home of your course.

When you click on a course on your personal homepage you will be directed to the Course Home of said course: the course homepage. Course Home contains a few predetermined widgets.

Homepage - Brightspace Sample Course - Google Chrome

1. The Welcome Banner is the image that appears at the top of your Course Home. The banner is the visual representation of your course, so choose an image that reflects the content of the course. To know how to adjust the Welcome Banner, see How do I adjust the course image?.

2. The Visual Table of Contents shows the modules under Content. You can directly click on the name or the >> icon to directly go to the module.

3. Below Announcements you can place announcements for students like a welcome at the beginning of a semester, changes in the course schedule (such as time and location), important new course content (literature, assignments, quizzes etcetera), or approaching deadlines. The articles about Announcements will show you how you can adapt and manage the announcements.

4. The Calendar widget shows you all upcoming events like deadlines and manually added meetings. You can view them in the form of a list below Upcoming Events. In the articles about Calendar you can learn how to set up the Calendar.

Organizing the modules

Keep your module description short and to the point. Your module’s description is automatically displayed on the “back” of each module flip card, accessed by clicking on the 'i' in the left upper corner. Keep the description to less than 50 words so it fits on the card.

Picture size matters. The image used in the module description should be 754 pixels wide by 400 pixels high (or larger) so it will properly display in the widget. This can be altered by a right click on your mouse while on the image and then clicking on image. We recommend using a .jpg file type, but the widget supports .png, and .svg.

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