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How do I assess an assignment using a Rubric?

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In this article the assessment of an assignment will be covered. Please note that the assessment of a discussion topic with a rubric works in the same way!

Once the rubric has been created and is now linked to an assignment or to a discussion topic, you can then grade the students based on the rubric.

If you want to assess an assignment or discussion topic with a rubric, make sure that the Total Score of the rubric is the same amount as the Out of Score when creating an assignment/discussion topic. 

Assess an assignment with a rubric

  1. Navigate to the assignment you want to asses.
  2. Open one of the submissions

You should see a screen similar to the one below:

  • As you can see above the Rubric - Assignment 1 - is attached to this assignment. It tells you that it is Not Scored yet as well.
  • Click on the name of the rubric to start assessing. If you want to see the rubric more clearly, you can also make it full screen by clicking the expand button (green lined icon).

A screen below will pop up as shown:

The pop up screen is movable and adjustable. In that way you can always see the assignment, the grade and the rubric at the same time.

  1. Asses the assignment by clicking on the corresponding level per criterion.
  2. The initial feedback per criterion will be loaded. You can edit/add feedback as needed.
  3. The overall score will be automatically calculated based on the score per criterion
    • You are able to override the overall score, by selecting another score (as shown above)
    • Click on Clear Override to go back to the automatic calculation
  4. In case you have already published the feedback of this assignment, you will see the above notification as a reminder.

Finally, click on close when you are done assessing.

  • When you are done assessing, the total score of the rubric will be transferred to the score box, where you would usually enter a score manually. This score is also transferred to the Grades. 
    • In the example above a student scored 3 out of 4 which would result in a grade of 75, or 7.5.

Additional information about (assessed) Rubrics

It is possible to see additional information about a Rubric in the Evaluation Experience. You can see if the Rubrics has been completely assessed, partly assessed and the score of the Rubric.

    1. A Rubric that has not been assessed will be shown as Not Scored
    2. A Rubric has has been partly assessed will show the provisional score together with the number of criteria that have not been scored yet.
    3.  A Rubric that has been completely assessed will show the score of the Rubric together with the achieved "Level"
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