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How does Remindo work with Grades?

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This article will explain all you need to know about using Remindo in your course and to register grades from the Remindo tool into the Brightspace Gradebook.

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How do I register Grades from Remindo into Brightspace?

  1. First, place a Remindo test to your course content.
  2. Either wait until one student has completed the test, or enroll a colleague as a dummy student in your course and let him/her walk through the test. This will trigger the grade item creation.

Important! If you have chosen to wait on a student to trigger the grade item creation, you might want to change the grade item settings before grading the tests in Remindo.

How do I change the grade item settings after grade creation?


Do you want to (temporary) hide the grade item for your students? Click on the arrow next to the name and select Hide from users.

After the grade item is created you will see the associated grade item under Grades > Manage Grades. As you can see the grade item is created with the following settings:

  1. The name you entered while you created the link via How do I add Remindo to my course and Content?
    • If you would like to change the name of the grade item, click the arrow > Edit and change the name as desired.
  2. The type of grade item is always numeric
    • You can not change the type of the grade item.
    • If you would like to use a pass-fail, rather than a numeric grade, you only need to change the grade scheme of this specific grade item. Click here for more information.
  3. If you click on the arrow, you can see to which External Tool Link, in this case the Remindo link, this grade item is associated.
    • You can not change the association of External Learning Tool grade items.
  4. By default a Remindo link is created with 100 points. Remindo and Brightspace communicate on a 100 points scale with each other.
    • Do not change the 100 points.
    • Do not worry! If you enter a 7.5 in Remindo, Brightspace will register a 75 for this student and the grade scheme will transform your 100 points scale grade to a 10 points scale grade. Click here for more information.
  5. By default a Remindo link does not count towards the final grade calculation, therefore the weight is set to 0.
    • If you DO want this grade to affect the final grade, click the arrow > Edit and change the weight as desired, e.g. 10%.

How should I set up Remindo resits?

We recommend you to set up 2 separate Remindo links, which will create 2 separate grade items in the Brightspace Gradebook. Doing so, you will keep both grades separated.

If in any case you want the resit grade to overwrite the first attempt, just let the student retake the test from the same link. Doing so, you will only keep the most recent grade. 

Please note that you might need to set specific settings in Remindo, in order to achieve this. Please reach out to your Faculty's ICTO team in case you want more information on the functionalities within Remindo.

Remindo & Grades FAQ

How do I delete a grade item linked to a Remindo test?

You need to completely delete the Remindo link first, before you can remove the grade item. Unfortunately, there is currently no other way to remove the grade item. 

Please see here for a step-by-step manual on how to remove an External Tool link, like Remindo, from your course. 

Can I use Remindo without registering a grade in the Gradebook?

Unfortunately not.

Although it is possible with other tools, like Pitch2Peer, the integration between Remindo and Brightspace works a bit different. Remindo always automatically creates a grade item per link. 

Tip! Although Remindo automatically creates a grade item, you can hide the grades for your students. In that way only you as an instructor will see the grades.

Which grade is registered in the Gradebook?

Remindo always sends the most recent grade to Brightspace. This means that if you grade a student in Remindo with a 7, but change the grade of that same test afterwards, the grade in Brightspace will be overwritten with the most recent grade, e. g. an 8.

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