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How do I download inline feedback in bulk from

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This article will explain you how you can download submissions and feedback in bulk for Turnitin Assignments. The following steps will be discussed:

You cannot download your inline feedback inserted via Feedback Studio in Brightspace. You need to download the submissions, your inline feedback and the similarity score from if you want to store it locally.

Step 1: Log in to

If you have never logged in to before, make sure to check this article first.

Turnitin - Google Chrome
  1. Enter your email as presented in Brightspace
  2. Enter your password
  3. Click on Log in.

Step 2: Look for the Course Name of the Assignment

After you have logged in, you will see an overview of your classes that resemble courses in Brightspace, as shown below.

Turnitin - Google Chrome

Click on the Class name of the course where you want to download submissions and feedback.

Cannot find the class you are looking for? 

Go to the Brightspace course and click on any Turnitin Assignment within that course. This allows Turnitin to sync your account with that specific course. After that, the class will appear in your Turnitin overview.

Step 3: Look for the assignment

After you clicked on the class name, you will see an overview of all Turnitin Assignments in that course, as shown below.

Turnitin - Google Chrome

Target the Assignment you want download submissions and feedback and click on View.

In the example above, we want to download all submissions of the Assignment called Sample Assignment.

Step 4: Download online grading papers

Please note you are NOT able to download voice comments. These are only accessible in Turnitin Feedback Studio and cannot be stored locally.

Turnitin - Google Chrome
  1. Select the papers of which you want to download the submission and feedback.
  2. Click on Download and click on Online Grading Paper
Turnitin - Google Chrome

In the pop-up window click on OK.

Turnitin - Google Chrome

When your zip file is ready, you will receive a message in

  1. Click on Messages
  2. Click to open the message
Turnitin - Google Chrome

Finally, click on the link provided in the message to download your zip file.

All done! You now have successfully downloaded student submissions including your inline feedback and grade.

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