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How do I delete awards?

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In this article you can read how you can delete an award from your course or from Brightspace.

You have two options to remove an award: Remove Award or Delete Award. 

Note: these are two different options!

  • Remove Award only removes the award from the course. If you or another teacher are using the award in another course, it will not be removed from that course. 
  • Delete Award can be used to remove the award from the entire system, i.e. remove it from Brightspace completely. The award will remain in the courses it is currently used in, but you or other teacher can no longer re-add the award to this or another course.
  • Navigate to Course Tools in the navbar of the course. 
  • Click on Course Admin followed by Awards (underneath Assessment). Click on Course Awards (second tab) to see an overview of the awards in the course. 

If you use the option Remove Award, which is next to each award, you will remove the award from the course, but not from Brightspace.

In order to delete an Award from Brightspace, follow these steps: 

  • Click on Course Awards (second tab) to see an overview of the awards in the course.
  • Click on Add Award to Course to see a new award or add it to a course. 
  • Select Delete Award to permanently remove this award from Brightspace. You will get a pop-up message which you must confirm to delete. 

Please mind: if you delete an award, this specific award will remain available with students whom have awarded this before. To remove this award from the students, you must first revoke them. 

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