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How does the Zoom link in Brightspace work?

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The Zoom LTI connection is a connection that allows you to organize and start (multiple) Zoom meetings from your Brightspace course. It also ensures that Zoom meetings are automatically included in the Calendar of your course in Brightspace.

General (technical) manuals on the use of Zoom can be found on the site of

How do I get an account and license in Zoom?

During your first login to Zoom, you will automatically receive an account and license from Leiden University in Zoom. You can log in via , but you can also go to the Zoom menu in Brightspace within your course. In this manual we will use the last mentioned option.

How do I create a Zoom meeting for my Brightspace course?

  • Click on Course Tools in the navbar of your course.    
  • Click on Zoom. The bottom portion of your screen is now completely dedicated to Zoom.
  1. Click Schedule a New Meeting to schedule a new Zoom meeting.

In the next screen you can enter details for the meeting and adjust settings. Settings that are grayed out are "locked" so an individual instructor cannot deviate from them. The settings here have the same (default) value as

2. Enter the subject of your meeting. This is shown in several places including the calendar of your course. Therefore choose something recognizable.

3. Choose whether participants are required to log in to Zoom. When logging in is required, it is important that all participants have a Zoom account. This can be either a Leiden account or a personal account. The advantage of requiring logging in is that during the meeting, the correct names of all participants are shown with first name and surname. Participants who do NOT have a (personal) Zoom account can only participate when logging in is not required. Without logging in, participants can then enter a name in Zoom on the spot. For instance guest speakers who are only attending a meeting once and o not have a (personal) Zoom account.

4. If you want to work with multiple hosts, make sure that the right email-adresses are entered in this field. These persons will be able to start this specific meeting. You can find your colleagues' email addresses in the Classlist of your course, under the Staff tab.

Finally, click Save.

  1. Your meeting is displayed on the first tab. 
  2. Here you can start or delete the meeting. The advantage of starting the meeting here is that you are automatically logged into Zoom.

After creating the Zoom meeting, it will also be included in your course's Calendar.

The Join URL of the meeting is included in the Calendar event and can be found once the Calendar event is opened.

Tip! Be sure to check out our manuals on different usecases for using Zoom in Brightspace:

How can students access Zoom meetings?

Students do not have access to the Zoom link in the navbar. They can only access meetings you have set up for them. Scheduled meetings automatically appear in the Calendar, so there is no need for you to send out invite links when you use Zoom in Brightspace. 

Personal meeting room in Zoom

Please note that a link you share to your Personal Meeting room is 'persistent'. So this link will always remain accessible to those you share it with.

From Brightspace, it is also possible to start a meeting through your own Personal Meeting Room.

  1. Click on the tab Personal Meeting Room
  2. Share the Join URL
  3. Start The Meeting

After the Zoom meeting

  1. After the meeting, you can find it under the Previous Meetings tab. Here you can also see a report with the results of polls and an attendance list of participants.
  2. If a meeting has been recorded, the recording will be available on the Cloud Recordings tab. Recordings are automatically uploaded from Zoom to Kaltura. After a limited time (currently 60 days) the recording will be automatically deleted within Zoom. At that point the recording can only be retrieved via Kaltura.

The recording will only be saved on the account of the host (1 user) and will be accessible for that user via Kaltura My Media.

How do I add Polls?

When you are planning a meeting via Brightspace, you can log in on and see your meetings at the tab Meetings. Click on the name / title of the meeting. Scroll down in the overview of the meeting. At the bottom is the Poll option with a button on the right Add. Now you get the option to make a poll. When you have done this and saved the poll, you can see it on Brightspace as well.

My meeting does not change in Brightspace when I change it via Is this correct?

Yes, this is correct. When you create a meeting via Brightspace, it will also be available on under Planned meetings.

However, changes made via of the meeting you created in Brightspace will NOT be processed in the Brightspace Calendar. Therefore changes should always be made via the Brightspace link.

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