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January 2024 - 19/01/2024

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The new Brightspace release is available from 19 January 2024 10:00.


Brightspace Editor – Insert Stuff uses new file picker when uploading from users' computer

This release updates the Insert Stuff > My Computer file picker with the version currently used in the Insert Image workflow, which allows drag-and-drop file uploads from the user's computer.

Previously, the Insert StuffMy Computer file picker used an older file picker that did not support drag-and-drop of files.  

Quizzes – Written response questions remain as pending evaluation until being manually graded

When instructors grade quiz attempts, any ungraded written response questions remain as pending evaluation until the instructor manually grades them.

Previously, when instructors clicked Publish or Update for a quiz attempt, the written response question's pending evaluation status would be removed.

Now, if a written response question is not graded, the status shows a pending evaluation message for the student view. 

In the student view, students always see the message "This question has not been graded" until the instructor grades the question.

The instructor view displays the message "not auto-graded; a default value of 0 was assigned" until they grade the question.

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