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Availability Date Defaults

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The visibility and accessibility of newly created Assignments and Discussions through the use of Start and End Dates can have different behavior depending on the chosen setting. The default settings for this functionality can be set in the Availability Date Defaults page, found in the Course Admin Menu.

The following options are available:

Visible with access restricted before start/end: Students are able to see the Assignment in the Assignment List or Discussions in the Discussion list, but will not be able to access it and see additional info besides the title of the Assignment or Discussion and the Start and/or End Date.

Visible with submission restricted before start/end: Students are able to access the Assignment and Discussion and see all the information, but will not be able to submit their work or post in the discussion.

Hidden before start/end: The Assignment/Discussion is hidden from the student's view.

Please note that these settings will only affect newly created Assignments and/or Discussions and will only affect newly created Assignments/Discussions in this course.

Assignments and/or Discussions availability settings for Assignments/Discussions already set before the defaults are altered will not be affected.

Assignments/Discussion availability settings for Assignments/Discussions copied over or imported from other courses will keep their original setting.

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