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Quizzes - Availability & Conditions

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In this article you will learn more about the options in the Availability and Conditions section of quizzes. In this section, you can add a start and end date, add release conditions, manage special access, set a password and manage IP restrictions.

  1. Set a start and/or end date if you only want to give students access to the quiz for a limited time.
  2. Add the availability dates to the student's calendar.
  3. Add release conditions. See here for more information.
  4. Manage special access
  5. Set a password for the quiz
  6. Manage IP restrictions

Start, end and due dates appear in the course calendar.

Manage special access

At Special Access you can provide users with special access to the quiz:

  • Tick Allow selected users special access to this quiz to allow a specific group of student special access to the quiz (for example extra time, an extra attempt or a pushed deadline).
  • Tick Allow only users with special access to see this quiz to only allow a specific group of student to have access to the quiz.
  • Click Add Users to Special Access to select the group of students that get special access as well as specify the details of that special access (you set a start and end date for the quiz, a time limit and the max. amount of attempts)
  1. At Properties you can adjust the due-, start- and end date.
  2. At Timing you can adjust the time limit.
  3. At Attempts you can tick Override attempts allowed to give certain students more/less submission attempts.
  4. Use the search bar (View By) to find the right students and indicate which students you want to give special access to.
  5. Click Save.

Manage IP Restrictions

Click Manage IP Restrictions

  • Click + IP Range to identify which IP-addresses are permitted. This is particularly useful for when you want students to partake in quizzes on campus or at a special location.
  • Note: the Brightspace server can only view external facing IP addresses that your institution is using, so don't use any internal ones.
  • To get the right IPs to use, log into a computer from where you want students to take a quiz and view your Login History to see the IP address.
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