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How do I set up Turnitin for a Group Assignment?


This article will explain how to create a Turnitin assignment for Group Assignments and how to use it.

This article consists of the following parts: 

How do I create a Turnitin order for Group Assignments?

To create a Turnitin assignment for Group Assignments follow these steps:

1. Create Groups in the Brightspace course. (For more information on creating groups see: How do I create Groups?).

2. Then click on Course Tools in the blue navigation bar.

3. Click on Assignments. 

4. Click on New Assignment.

5. Give the assignment a title.

6. Set the Score Out Of to 100. If you use Turnitin, the Score Out Of must always be 100, because the FeedbackStudio also counts to 100.

7. Set a Due Date.

Attention! As soon as you click Score Out Of here, a new grade item is automatically created with the same name as the assignment. This is indicated by the In Grades sign behind Score Out Of.

8. Go to the Submission & Completion heading on the right-hand side of the screen.

9. Under Assignment Type, click Group Assignment and choose the Group Category for which the assignment is intended. (In this case "Test groups").

10. Then go to the Evaluation & Feedback section on the right-hand side of the screen.

11. Click on Manage Turnitin at the bottom.

12. Tick the box next to Enable Grademark for this folder. The check mark for Enable Orinality Check for this folder comes automatically. Both of these must be enabled for the plagiarism check.

13. Then click on Save.

At the bottom of the screen under Evaluation & Feedback it now says Originality Check On and Grade Mark on. This means that the plagiarism check is enabled for this assignment. 

14. Click Save and Close. The Turnitin assignment for the Group Assignment has been created

How do I review the Turnitin Group Assignment?

When the group assignment is created and Turnitin is enabled, the students can hand in something per group. When one student from the group submits something, it will be on behalf of all group members. 

Please note! Students submit something on behalf of their entire group. They will therefore all receive the same feedback and the same mark.

If you want to view the submitted assignments and provide feedback, follow these steps:

1. Click on Course Tools in the blue navigation bar.

2. Click on Assignments.

3. Select the Group Assignment you wish to provide feedback on. (In this case Test Group Assignment Turnitin)

The submitted assignments are displayed sorted by group. Group 1 has thus jointly submitted a Test group assignment.

4. Click on the pen to give feedback with the Feedback Studio of Turnitin. Giving feedback in the Feedback Studio goes the same way as with a normal Turnitin Assignment.  However, this feedback and the grade are the same for all group members. (For more information about how to give feedback via the Feedback Studio see:How do I assess Turnitin Assignments with Feedback Studio?)

The feedback given will be visible to all group members under Assignments.

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