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How do I use Submission Logs with Assignments?

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On the general page of the Submission Logs, you can see which students have submitted or started an assignment. You are also able to delete or restore an assignment. 

To go to the Submission Logs, go to Course Tools and click on Assignments.

  1. Click on the arrow behind the assignment of which you would like to see the submissions.
  2. Click on Submission Log.

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Restore submissions

When an assignment (accidentally) has been deleted, it can easily be restored. 

  • Navigate to the Course Tools in the navbar of the course. 
  • Click on Assignments
  1. Click on the arrow behind the assignment of which you would like to recover a submission. 
  2. Click on Submission Log.

1. Select Deleted to see all the deleted submissions. 

2. Click on Restore behind the correct submission in order to restore it. The assignments will automatically appear in the overview of assignments. 

Started and Submitted

When a student has submitted an assignment, it will appear as Submitted in the submission log. The document can be viewed and assessed at 'Submissions' within Assignments. 

Submitted: The student has successfully submitted a file. In this case, you should be able to see the student's file in the submissions (unless it has been deleted). 

Another status that can be seen in the Submission Log is: Started. 

Started: The student has tried to submit a file. However, the file transfer was NOT completed (for whatever reason, e.g. a network error or a student accidentally closed the window before submitting). 

So, Started will also be displayed in the Submission Log if a student uploaded a file and subsequently clicked on cancel or closed the webpage. Unfortunately, the file that was supposed to be uploaded can not be retrieved. 

Note: the status Started does not necessarily indicate the validity of a submission for a specific assignment. 

Usually the 'event' started doesn't give you other information than the 'event' submitted. When the upload of a file is successful, the started and submitted events have the exact same date and time.

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