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How do I create and add a Weblink to content?

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A weblink can be created and added to the content.

  1. Go to Content
  2. Select the unit/lesson where you want to place a weblink
  3. Click on Create New

Click on WebLink

  1. Enter a display name
  2. Add a link to external websites
  3. Choose whether to Embed it on the page, or Open in a new tab.
  4. By Default it is set to Hidden. Click on the slidebar to set it to Visible.
  5. Optional: Select a start date to make the content item visible from a specified date.
  6. Optional: Select an end date to hide the content item after a certain date.

Make sure to set the assignment to visible if you want to use start and end dates!

Please note that not all webpages can be embedded. If a certain website does not allow to be embedded in an iframe, you can only select Open in new tab.

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