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How do I use Kaltura in my Brightspace course?

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The manuals you find here, will only discuss the use of Kaltura within Brightspace. Additional manuals on the use of Kaltura independent of Brightspace can be found on this site.

Education advice on the use of Kaltura for Online Teaching can be found on the site of the Centre for Innovation.

If you want to add a video into a course in Brightspace, you'll most likely need to use Kaltura. Within Brightspace you can access Kaltura My Media and the course Kaltura Media Gallery. 

Please note that Kaltura works somewhat different in Brightspace than in Blackboard. Please click on any of the links below to see a hands on guide on what you want to do. 

Video on how to use Kaltura

This video is made by Kaltura. Some screens might have a different look and feel to the Universiteit Leiden Brightspace environment.

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