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How do I add videos to Content?

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This article explains how videos can be added to the content of the course.

This article is not about adding Kaltura videos to your course content. See here for more information on Kaltura videos. Uploading videos to Kaltura, instead of directly to Brightspace, is however the advised way of adding videos to your course content.

Go to the desired unit/lesson in your course, click on Create New and then choose HTML document.

  1. Click on the Insert Stuff icon.
  2. Optionally, you can set the availability for the media you will upload.
  3. Choose My Computer.
  4. Click on Choose File to locate and upload the correct video from your computer.
  5. Select the file and click on Open.
  6. Click on Upload

1. Fill in a link text.

2. Optional: change the width and/or height of the video.

3. Optional: if you wish, you can allow auto start for the video.

4. Lastly, click on Insert to place the video in the HTML document.

Tip! There is a HTML template for videos available, which you can use to improve the layout of videos in a HTML document.

Which video extensions can I upload in Brightspace?

All video extensions can be uploaded in Brightspace. However, the extension influences how the video is displayed in web browsers:

  1. Embedded: Only MP4, WebM and Ogg video extensions can be embedded in HTML5.
  2. Download link: If you upload a MOV / AVI video-file, it will always appear as a download-link.

For more background information check this Wikipedia-page.

How can I insert a MOV/AVI-file as embedded video in the course content?

There are two options available as a workaround to place MOV/AVI-files as embedded videos in your course.

  1. Recommended: Upload the video in Kaltura and insert it in your course content.
  2. Convert the video-file to MP4 and then upload it in Brightspace.
    • You can do this with video editor applications, such as Adobe Premiere Pro.
    • You can also use an online video converter, but by using these websites you'll need to accept certain conditions that can have implications for the safeguarding of your video-file and your data. Be aware of these terms and conditions before using these websites.
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