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How do I reveal a student's name in anonymous grading?

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Sometimes you may find yourself in the unfortunate situation that a submitted file in an assignment does not properly synchronize with Turnitin. If you used Anonymous grading, this may cause a problem. There are 2 main types of Turnitin synching errors:

  •  Error connecting with Turnitin.  In this case you should contact Brightspace support. 
  •  Your submission must contain 20 words or more, or a corrupt file. This type will give the screen below when clicking on the submission.

In this case, the student must resubmit a file themselves. It is therefore necessary to find out the identity of the student, instead of the number of anonymous user. This article describes how to reveal the name of the anonymous user.

Please note that revealing the name of a student in an assignment is permanent. If you choose to reveal the name, you will be unable to hide it again for this specific student during this specific assignment.

1. Navigate to your course and go to the desired assignment. 

2. Scroll to the anonymous user (who's identity you would like to reveal).

3. Click on the pencil icon to open FeedbackStudio

A new tab (the FeedbackStudio) from TurnItIn will open automatically.
1. Click on Anonymous.
2. A pop up message will reveal. Please provide a a reason; like: technical issue processing similarity report or need to contact student to resubmit.

3. Click on submit

The name will now appear at the top of the Feedback Studio screen instead of Anonymous.

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