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How do I use Pitch2Peer for assignments?


This article explains how you can use Pitch2Peer to let students check each others work. 

What is Pitch2Peer?

Pitch2Peer is a review tool that allows students to learn from each other’s work and feedback. Following an assignment, such as a presentation or personal research or a review of literature, students submit their ‘pitches’ to Pitch2Peer. 

The program supports different types of ‘pitches’, such as videos, photos, posters, slideshows, animations and (blog) texts. It is also possible to embed external media, such as YouTube or Prezi-presentations. The students can then be asked to reflect on their own work, as well as review (anonymously if necessary) one or more of their peer’s pitches. You can ask them to reflect or review with specific criteria and/or questions in mind. Also, the students can be motivated by using ‘likes’ and ‘medals’ to reward the best pitches. As an instructor you can of course also give feedback yourself.

Where do I find Pitch2Peer?

ScreenSteps - Google Chrome
  1. Go to Content
  2. Select the module/submodule where you want to place the Pitch2Peer Assignment
  3. Click on Add Existing and click on More
  4. Scroll down and click on Pitch2Peer.
ScreenSteps - Google Chrome

In the next screen add a title for your Pitch2Peer Module, this name will appear in the content area AND as the name of the Grade Item if you choose to Send Grades from Pitch2Peer to the Gradebook.

And click on Add Pitch2Peer

Your Pitch2Peer assignment now appears in your content area, as shown below.

ScreenSteps - Google Chrome

Please note that the Pitch2Peer Module is set to visible by default. If you want to hide the Assignment for your students, set the switch to hidden.

How do I use Pitch2Peer?

The main page of Pitch2Peer appears when you select Pitch2Peer. It contains three main categories:

  • Home: You can quickly see the assignment and the number of pitches. Besides that, you can easily change some personal settings or go to the help center when necessary.
  • Gallery: An overview of the assignments and the corresponding pitches.
  • Manage module: You can change all your settings and assignments here, explained below.

Manage module

The manage module category consist of different sub-categories with the aim to manage everything in Pitch2Peer:

  1. Module settings
    Here, you can change the module settings, like module title and student access.
  2. Assignments
    An overview of the existing assignments and the dates and times of the assignments. You can also add new assignments here (adding a new assignment is explained later in this article).
  3. Pitches
    An overview of all pitches that are handed in by students per assignment.
  4. Peer reviews
    An overview of all peer reviews that are handed in by students per assignment.
  5. Reflections
    An overview of all reflections that are handed in by students per assignment.
    An overview of all comments.
  7. Grades
    An overview of all grades that are handed in by students per assignment. 
  8. Students
    An overview of all students that are enrolled for Pitch2Peer assignments.

Add new Assignment

Fill in the following when adding a new assignment:

  1. Type in the Assignment title.
  2. Choose the type of pitch.
  3. Choose the criteria and the way the peer review should be organized. 
  4. Choose to enable/disable the reflection option. 
  5. Set the pitch period.
  6. Check all the options for the assignment and save it.

Pitch2Peer for Groups

Warning: Pitch2Peer Groups are not linked to Brightspace Groups

To use Pitch2Peer for Groups you need to place a Pitch2Peer module per group and put a release condition on it.

  1. Go to Content
  2. Select the module/submodule where you want to place the  Pitch2Peer Group Assignment
  3. Click on Add Existing and click on More
  4. Scroll down and click on Pitch2Peer.
ScreenSteps - Google Chrome

In the next screen add a title for your Pitch2Peer module, this name will appear in the content area. For your own ease we recommend adding Group XX to the title, so you know for which group the Pitch2Peer module is.

Finally, click on Add Pitch2Peer.

When your module is placed in Content, is should look like below:

ScreenSteps - Google Chrome

Next, click on the 3 dots and click on View Release Conditions.

ScreenSteps - Google Chrome

Click on create and in the next screen, set the condition for the group. Finally, click on create and then save.

Repeat the steps above for all the groups and your content area should look something like below:


ScreenSteps - Google Chrome

As you can see we have a Pitch2Peer Assignment available per group. Proceed as stated under: How do I use Pitch2Peer?

Grading Pitch2Peer Assignments

Please grade the Pitch2Peer assignments on a scale of 1-10. Use a period as a decimal separator. 

e.g. Grade an assignment with 7.6 

If you enter a two digit number without a separator you can not transfer the grades to Brightspace Grades. 

e.g. If you enter a 76 as a grade, you cannot transfer the grade to Brightspace. Enter 7.6 instead. 

Sending Grades from Pitch2Peer to Gradebook

ScreenSteps - Google Chrome
  1. Navigate to the Pitch2Peer Module 
  2. Click on Manage Module
  3. Click on Grades
ScreenSteps - Google Chrome

In the next screen, click on the Hamburger Menu Icon and click on Send Grades.

Afgehandeld - - Outlook

Do NOT alter the weight, just click on Send Grades to Brightspace.

Please note that the Grade Weight does not imply the weight to calculate the final grade, although the text might suggest otherwise.

Afgehandeld - - Outlook

Navigate to Grades and see your new Grade item "Pitch2Peer"

Afgehandeld - - Outlook

Click on Edit if you want to:

  • Change the name of the grade item OR
  • Adjust the Weight
  • Adjust the Grade Scheme
  • Visibility for Students
Afgehandeld - - Outlook

DO NOT CHANGE the Maximum Points. This should always remain 100.

Pitch2Peer Help Center

Click on Help to get more information on the Pitch2Peer functionalities or practical tips for setting up your Pitch2Peer Assignments. 

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